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QMF and SOT? What in the world?

Anytime a church changes it takes time for everyone to learn the new lingo. That is the case for many when they see the abbreviations of QMF and SOT floating around. We are trying to use the full name as much as possible as we learn how to operate in our new system. Please visit with me or any of our staff if you are struggling to understand our new structure.

Quarterly Ministry Fiesta (QMF)

It is hard to believe that we are approaching our third Quarterly Ministry Fiesta on July 16. It seems like yesterday when we were still dreaming on what such an event would look like every quarter. Though we continue to tweak how they work, I believe that they are accomplishing everything we had hoped. It is a great evening of fellowship, celebration, anticipation, and accountability. If you have yet to attend, I want to encourage you to make a point to be at this one. The meal theme is sandwiches and salads, so bring your favorite to share and come expecting a great evening. We are also taking up a donation for our upcoming mission trips to Malawi and Belize.

Stewardship and Operations Team (SOT)

The Stewardship and Operations Team is responsible for finances, personnel, property, and legal issues. They have been meeting twice a month for the first half of this year to update all the governing documents to align with our new structure. These documents will all be distributed to the church once they are completed. This has been a very time-consuming process, but this team has been amazing. This part of the restructuring process has not been as public, and I’ve had many people wondering if anything is changing with our new structure. The nature of these type of policies are difficult to work through, but you will see the fruit of our labor soon. The way the operations side of our ministry is handled has changed tremendously. We will have this all laid out in our policies and procedures soon. Be sure and thank this team for their dedication to this tedious process.

Ministry Focus Team (MFT)

The Ministry Focus Team is made up of the church staff. The staff have been organized to take responsibility of the three age-focused (children, youth, and adults) teams and the four equipping-focused teams (worship, spiritual growth, sharing, and unity). It is the responsibility of the staff to create the necessary team structure that empowers the saints to do the work of the ministry. The Ministry Focus Team Leaders (staff) will give written and brief oral reports at the Quarterly Ministry Fiesta. We can celebrate together on how God has used our teams over the last quarter and get a preview of what is coming up.

Here is how our ministry teams leadership is organized:

· Ministry Focus Team Leader: Michael Vallandingham

· Adult Team Leader: Michael Vallandingham

· Youth Team Leader: Roy Rosales

· Children Team Leader: Tara Vallandingham

· Worship Team Leader: Ira Pinkston

· Sharing Team Leader: Ira Pinkston

· Spiritual Growth Team Leader: Kevin Warner

· Unity Team Leader: Kevin Warner

In Christ,

Pastor Michael

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