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Mission Opportunities

There is nothing you can do to change your perspective of the world more than to go on a short-term mission trip. It is easy to see the world through the lens of our daily life. Normal is what we know. The reality is, most of the world lives in far worse poverty and deals with far greater insecurities than we will ever see in America. The results of this fallen world are magnified and the need for Jesus illuminated in new ways as you follow him to the corners of the world. But you will also experience the transformation of the Gospel. Hope given to those without hope. Joy of salvation and an understanding of deliverance from man’s depravity. God works miracles when we step out in faith and serve him in places in great need of the Gospel.

There are two great mission opportunities available for you over the next twelve months. The first opportunity is a trip to Malawi Africa. I will be leading another small group to Malawi in September. The tentative dates are September 20- October 4. Airfare is becoming difficult into the country so those dates will be subject to change by a day or two either direction depending on flights available. The cost is also dependent upon the flights as they are changing rapidly. It will be somewhere between $4000 and $4500. Scholarships and fundraising help will be available. Please visit with me ASAP if you are interested in being part of this amazing trip.

The second opportunity will be in April 2024 as we take a group to Belize to help rural churches with Vacation Bible School and train local church leaders. Larry Marshal will be leading the trip. This trip is still months away, but it is a great opportunity for us to take a larger team into an area that does not get a lot of mission support from other countries. We also expect it will be a much more affordable trip as transportation will be much cheaper than a trip to Africa. We will have a lot more information coming out of the next few months but if you are interested in this trip, please talk to me or Larry.

There is a place for everyone when a church sends a group to do missions. We need people to give to help to provide financially for those who are called to go. We need people praying specifically and earnestly for the team and those whom they will be serving. We need people to help support the families of those who are sending a family member away for a time. There are always things that happen while people are away that the family will not be able to take care of on their own. Tara has found herself relying on church members several times through the years having to do repairs on the house or helping to get kids to appointments. It takes the whole church to make these trips possible. You will be needed in some way. Be available.

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