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New Year Challenge: Love Your Neighbor

Jesus simplified the Ten Commandments from ten to two. We are told to love God with our heart, soul, and mind and to love our neighbor as much as we love ourselves. For many in our church, we started loving our neighbors differently through Bless Every Home. Currently we have 2300 homes we are praying for in our city. We have prayed over 21,000 times for our neighbors and have shared the Gospel 34 times. It is amazing to hear the stories of how people are engaging with their neighbors like never before.

As you think about 2024, I pray that you will make praying and caring for your neighbors a new emphasis for you and your family. You have influence with them unlike I could ever have simply by living in their neighborhood. As we go through this new year, we are working to have Community Groups in many new communities just like yours. Are you ready to start having your neighbors over to your home to teach the basics of living a Christian life? Please let me know and we will provide you every resource we have available to help you succeed.

By simply loving your neighbor, you are living the way Jesus encourages his disciples to live. You do not need a long list of rules. Just love them the way you would want those in your community to love you. Not everyone will accept your love, but you will be surprised by those who need it more than you could ever imagine. Together we can take the name of Jesus to every community in our city.

-Pastor Michael

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